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Clean show 2017
Clean show 2017
The Clean Show is sponsored by TRSA and other leading laundry, dry cleaning and textile services organizations. TRSA Operators and Associate members receive significant discounts on attendance, exhibiting and other promotional opportunities, and gain

Thursday, June 18 to Thursday, June 29

Give Your Leather Jacket The TLC It Needs With Professional Leather Cleaning

You can expect years of wear from your leather jacket if you care for it properly. Although you can do basic cleaning and conditioning at home, you will want to occasionally entrust the care of your costly leather garments to the professionals. Even dry cleaners send leather to a specialist, so you should think twice about trying to do it all at home

Keep Your Dream Wedding Dress Beautiful With Professional Preservation Services

Lorem ipsum dolor To protect your wedding gown for years to come, you may want to consider professional cleaning and preservation before you store it in a mild, dry location.

Learn The "Percs" Of Dry Cleaning: How The Process Works

Lorem ipsum dolor In a wash and wear world, dry cleaning with chemicals is the traditional way to remove soil from fabrics that cannot be cleaned in water and which may require special handling. Even the ancient Romans used dry cleaning to keep their woolen togas looking fresh