Dry Cleaners: Post a Special Request for a Bid Here

Dry cleaning professionals don't always have time to seek out the best bids for equipment repair or supply orders. That's why we've created this page where you, the dry cleaning professional, can post a special request for a bid.

Posting a special request for a bid on DryCleaningSearch.com saves you time and money and takes the hassle out of getting your dry cleaning services quotes.

Get a Dry Cleaning Equipment Quote Quickly and Easily
Our special request process is simple: Post your special request for a bid and get a quote for dry cleaning products and services from vendors and suppliers across the country. Our network of vendors and suppliers will be able to review and access your request for dry cleaning services quotes virtually, develop their bid and respond to you directly. You'll save yourself time by letting the service providers come to you.

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Scroll down to select your special request bid options and get the bidding process started. Create a subject line, choose your bid category and provide any special details that will help vendors compile their bid.

Next, provide your contact information, preferred method of contact and the best time and/or method to contact you. Then sit back and let the service providers come to you.

The next time you need your equipment repaired or need to get dry cleaning service quotes, remember DryCleaningSearch.com and our post special request page.

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